Boom! Judge Napolitano schools Juan Williams on Constitution [video]!/emgtay/status/403310949932601344

During a discussion on Bret Baier’s Fox News program, Juan Williams claimed Judge Andrew Napolitano has “abandoned conservatism” after Napolitano spoke out on the necessity to adhere strictly to what the Constitution says (or doesn’t say) when it comes to the federal government’s involvement in health care and entitlements.

Here’s a clip followed by a partial transcript:

Partial transcript:

Williams: Did you hear what Bret Baier said about the politics. You think you could do away with Social Security and Medicare in this country?

Napolitano: I don’t think it could be done with the stroke of a pen and I don’t think there’s a consensus for it, but in my world, where government lives within the confines of the Constitution, people are responsible for themselves. It’s not the Beltway world where you live. People don’t look to the federal government to take care of them.

Williams: I think the voters would go crazy. The two of you [Napolitano and Tucker Carlson] have abandoned the whole notion of conservatism tonight.

Napolitano: You have abandoned the notion that the Constitution means what it says.

An appreciation for Napolitano’s defense of constitutional principles ensued:

Amen, Judge.

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