Big Dog And Little Girl Play The Cutest Version Of Hide-And-Seek (Video)

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YouTube channel Rumble Viral posted an adorable video of a dog playing hide-and-seek with his toddler friend, Sierra.

While Sierra’s mother films, the little girl hides somewhere, and her floppy Newfoundland dog, Sebastien, waits for the OK to go and search for her.

Sebastien trumps around the house searching for the little blonde girl, wagging his tail in excitement.

To Sierra’s delight, the gentle giant finds her hiding behind the couch, and she lets out a squeal of joy and hands Sebastien a treat.

Since dogs have a great sense of smell, it’s possible Sebastien understands this is a game. He might be intentionally taking his time finding the little girl to make it more fun for her.

Either way, it’s adorable.

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