Baby sings himself to sleep while dad plays guitar

9 responses to “Baby sings himself to sleep while dad plays guitar”

  1. Anella says:

    babies don’t shut their eyes for fun it means they’re almost asleep

  2. TKyle says:

    Great song, too…

  3. Kay A. Ess says:

    I miss the days when they’d nod off like that with the blinkie eyes.

  4. Paula says:

    Too young to fake it, dummy

  5. Beepage says:

    Enter Sandman seems more appropriate…or not.

  6. That was one of the sweetest clips I’ve ever seen! So cute!!!

  7. Jeff K. says:

    Nope! The baby’s eyes opened at the very last second of the video!!!! FAKE! 😉

  8. tracey says:

    Very sweet…

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