Arkansas Fan Tapes Nose To Look Like A Pig, Writes Weird Song To The Team

lizhoney has lost her mind. This Arkansas fan recorded a video message to the team in song. So I broke down the lyrics. Her words are in bold, mine are in plain text.

“RAZORBACKS United We Stand” by lizhoney

There’s nowhere in the worldThat I would rather beThan yelling “Oo hee sooey.”

That’s not a place. You can do that anywhere. I have a feeling you do.

And there’s nothing in the worldThat I would rather seeThan to beat Alabama 100-3

Things more likely to happen than Arkansas beating Alabama 100-3• At the first Presidential debate Barack Obama reveals that he’s an extraterrestrial shortly before eating Mitt Romney’s head clean off his body.• Oogieloves In The BIG Balloon Adventure wins Best Picture at the Oscars, just barely beating out Sparkle and Rex Ryan’s sex tape. • Brandon Weeden becomes a good NFL quarterback.

For united we standDivided we fallAnd if our (razor)backs will ever be against the wall

You didn’t even rewrite this part of the song! What the hell? Trying to sneak the word “razor” in front of “backs” doesn’t count. Do you think she picked this song because it already had “backs” in it?

We’ll be togetherTogether you and I(GO HOGS GO)

You have a surprisingly decent voice, but your nose is taped to look like a pig, so that seems irrelevant.

Repeat Chorus… Which is interrupted by her saying, “Tevin, honey you hang in there and get well. Honey we’re all praying for you. We’re pulling hard for your full recovery.

This I can agree with. Tevin Mitchel’s injury looked terrible and they had to cart him off. Initial reports after the game indicated that Mitchel was okay and able to move, a fact that was scarily in doubt following the brutal helmet-to-helmet collision that he was a part of.

And Tyler honey…If the world around youFalls apart our loveIt will still be here

Okay so this one is a little more weird. Yes Tyler Wilson probably got a concussion, but he might play this coming week. I’m pretty sure his world isn’t falling apart.

And Kody if the going gets too hard along the wayAll of us Hog fans are going to give you a big cheer

I’m positive that this song has done more harm than good to Kody Walker, Tyler Wilson, Tevin, and co.’s injuries. If laughter is the best medicine than this is ether.

Repeat Chorus

SPOKEN: The most important thing is not that game, but that you guys get well. Because we’re going to beat Alabama. You just wait Alabama. You’re going to see.

The most important thing is that they get better, but not because you’re going to beat Alabama (again, you won’t), but because it’s better to not have a concussion for the rest of your life.

Isn’t that right hog fans? We’re going to always stick together.

That sound you hear is every Arkansas fan pulling at his or her collar.

Repeated ChorusSPOKEN: We love you Razorbacks. Win or lose it doesn’t matter.We’ll always be here for you. Once a hog fan, always a hog fan.

I’m just going to nod and smile. The type of person who makes this video already probably kills people. Why give her more of a reason?

WHISPERED We love our hogs. This is Pig Sooey saying, “Go Hogs Go.” Alabama you better look out.

Everything is more terrifying when whispered. And is your name Pig Sooey? You chose that name?

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