Are You Sad Rihanna’s New Fashion Reality Show Is Only Airing In The U.K.?

As someone who tuned out of Project Runway right around the time Christian Siriano made us all OD on the words “fierce” “hot” “tranny” and “mess,” I am super excited by a fashion design competition reality show that gets its rocks off not by making contestants craft dresses out of cat food but by having Rihanna host. In her new show Styled to Rock contestants compete to win the chance to make an outfit she’ll wear. Judging by her recent performance looks, this means they have to display a very specific kind of weird in their aesthetic. Rihanna co-hosts this program with two of her stylists and wacky British designer Henry Holland (in case you’re unfamiliar with his work: he once put a model on the runway wearing plaid antlers and a matching eye patch). The show will only air in the U.K. so if you want to watch it you’ll probably have to do so in a disjointed fashion via YouTube scavenging, which: BOOO.

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