Anxiety-Inducing Video Shows A Plane’s Failed Attempt At Landing In High Winds

The U.K. has been experiencing extreme weather that’s resulted in flooding, 9,000 homes being evacuated, and more than 100,000 properties being affected by power cuts caused by strong winds that have reached 140 mph.

2. The extreme conditions are best illustrated by this terrifying video of a Emirates flight trying to land at Birmingham Airport.

The pilots tries to land, but ends up having to pull up and go around.

4. Accounting assistant Kevon Miller was on the flight, and explained that once diverted to Gatwick, they were kept on the plane and had to wait to refuel.

“We landed at Gatwick and refueled. Nobody got off the plane and people were getting quite restless at having to wait, but we were told that the winds in Birmingham had died down and five other planes had managed to land. One woman was sick but generally everyone else was OK. It’s just one of these things – we couldn’t really control the weather.”

Thankfully, other than someone being sick, no one was hurt during the flight.

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