Another 10 Truly Weird Music Videos

The final list of this theme from this particular user, but it should be a good one. This list only features (aside from two bonus items) videos and songs from artists not previously featured. So no Manson, no Bjork, no, Aphex Twin, no NIN, no Dir En Grey and no Tool! Hope you enjoy it, Listversers!

Artist: Lily Allen

[WARNING: language is NSFW.] If the title wasn’t enough to get the theme across, then let me indulge you. Ms. Lily Allen hails from England, is very peeved with some narrow minded people, and let’s them know in the gloriously contrasting song. Definitely not my type of music, but it is hard not to be very entertained by the upbeat and vulgar lyrics. The video itself is quite amusing.

Artist: Kid Cudi

The line between reality and imagination gets blurred by the entertaining animated visuals. Very cool effects highlight the Cleveland rapper’s, otherwise average, stroll through town. This song about loneliness was remixed by Crookers, but I wouldn’t bother listening to that mess if I were you.

Artist: Puscifer

Despite the lack of Tool or APC on the list, the ever-eccentric Maynard James Keenan makes the list with his solo venture, Puscifer (pronounced dangerously close to “pussy-fur”). Not much to say about the video itself (the most consistent element is a dancing cowboy), but the song itself features actress Milla Jovovich (The Fifth Element, the Resident Evil film franchise). It’s catchy as anything, too.

Artist: Ink Dot Boy

[WARNING: Video is NSFW] This video starts out with a lonely chick walking around town. Then some guy with black stuff all over his eyes. Suddenly, lesbians. That’s about all I gathered. The band’s Facebook page has this to say:

Influences: Pieces of stardust and distant, eerie cries of the witching hours, sounds of sexual penetration.

Band Interests: Creating haunting noises that may take you elsewhere in the parallel universe.

Take from that what you will.

Artist: Cake

When it comes to weird concept videos, this band takes the… Nevermind, stupid joke. Anyway, they do a damn good job of animating a bizarre video with a touching meaning behind it. The man and his monkey best friend were just juggling apples, no need to have them executed! Or.. Whatever, make up your own interpretation.

Artist: MGMT

And here we have a send-up of the rock and roll lifestyle (or Scarface, it could go either way). I could fall back on the usual stupid LSD/hippie jokes I usually make about triply videos, or I could just say watch the video and absorb all the weird it has to offer. So, yeah, that.

Artist: Slipknot

This sad tale of depression and obsession comes to us from the, usually very heavy, Slipknot. The only thing heavy about this outing is the meaning behind the song and visuals. Many Slipknot fans were upset with the song, and while it is quite a one-outer for the masked men, I personally think it is beautifully done. Stay tuned to the end for the bizarre twist. The production value is considered enough for the video to qualify as a short film.

Artist: Stolen Babies

Oh, avant-garde metal, you are so easy to pick on for these kind of lists. Trippy, and just plain odd, animation has been a reoccurring theme in this list so far, but generally songs have been regular fair. But the Stolen Babies manage to take that familiarity and throw it away. Unless you are familiar with the dark cabaret genre, a metal band that employs an accordion may be a little… Out there.

Artist: Tyler, the Creator

Anybody familiar with OFWGKTA (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All), or just Odd Future, knows that the leader of the rap collective is Tyler, the Creator. Say whatever you want about the music, but at twenty years old, Tyler is rapper, producer and music video director. Which means he is probably laughing all the way to the bank.

Artist: Serj Tankian

Serj Tankian, of System of a Down fame, released this video for a song off his first solo work, Elect the Dead. The simply depicted message of humanity displayed in the video is a prime example of modern music videos as an art form.

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