An Adorable Deer Gets Up Close And Personal With A Cameraman.

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In many areas of the country, humans are encroaching on the natural territory of the surrounding wildlife. Deer, raccoons, opossums and other creatures start showing up in neighborhoods. Sometimes, their presence results in disaster.

When this young deer wandered his way into a local neighborhood, it could have ended very badly. Instead, he proved to be the real life Bambi we always dreamed of. He might be even cuter, if that’s possible. He was friendly and curious (and managed to avoid all vehicles in the road).

You’ll never guess what he did next…

If you see wildlife like this deer in your neighborhood, make sure to give them space. (Not all of them are going to react like Bambi, here.) It is so wonderful to see a beautiful animal be friendly, though. Please consider sharing this with your friends if you thought he was as adorable as we do.

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