After UN vote on Palestine, Canada recalls diplomats from Israel, West Bank!/emilie_baujard/status/274544614306873344

Prior to yesterday’s U.N. vote to recognize Palestine as a nonmember observer state, Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird gave an impassioned speech against Palestinian statehood.

Canada was one of only nine nations to vote against the resolution. Today, citing the UN’s decision as “an impediment to peace,” Baird is recalling Canadian diplomats from Israel, the West Bank, New York, and Geneva.

“I want to get a sense from the diplomats what they see on the ground, how they see things going, and how we can effectively respond to what could be a new reality,” Baird told CBC News in an interview from New York on Friday.

Baird’s move is drawing the ire of pro-Palestinian Canadians:

“Baird says he is deeply disappointed by the UN vote” Ashamed that this is Canada’s view of #Palestine‘s right to recognized internationally

— Zakiya Pirani (@zakiya_pirani) November 30, 2012

Why is #Canada recalling its diplomats from Israel, West Bank & UN missions. They made their point and vioted against Palestine. Now what?

— Amber Khoja. (@amberkhoja) November 30, 2012

When can we recall John Baird from Canada ? #cdnpoli #palestine

— Beari8it (@Beari8it) November 30, 2012

Dear Palestine, the reprehensible diplomatic actions of the government of Canada does not represent the views of its citizens. Congrats.

— Cal West (@Calgary_West) November 30, 2012

I’m not sure why Canada recalled its ambassadors to Palestine. Why is Canada so against a Palestinian state?

— Jon Wiseman (@JonWiseman) November 30, 2012

Baird needs to pull his head out of his ass and get with the program on Palestine. Our government is a disgrace! Stop Harper! #cdnpoIi

— Jon Benoite (@Intelevore) November 30, 2012

Baird not handling UN/Palestine/Gaza situation well. Making us look like clowns on the international stage. #CdnPoli

— Shahbaz Khan (@shahbaz__k) November 30, 2012

Canada: one of only nine countries to vote against Palestinian statehood. One small step for Palestine, one giant embarrassment for Canada.

— Brian Medina (@BrianMedinaM) November 30, 2012

Great news about #Palestine, terrible news about Canada protesting the move by the #UN.

— Brad Dobo(@Molson_74) November 30, 2012

I’m pretty ashamed the way John Baird represented Canada at the UN yesterday. His anti-palestine nonsense embarrassed the whole county

— Goldade (@djgoldade) November 30, 2012

John Baird, please stop. You’re embarrassing us. #CDNPoli #Palestine #UN

— Muhammad Y (@kingkuzco) November 30, 2012

Pro-tip, Baird: sometimes, side with the 138 countries, you…“let’s PUNISH them for wanting to exist!”

— Jamie Rennie (@jamie_rennie) November 30, 2012

The UN votes for #Palestine statehood & Canada is one of few dissenters, pulls diplomats & speaks of “thoughtful and deliberate” action? ugh

— Jack Pereira (@oftoronto) November 30, 2012

@honjohnbaird @pmharper Hey Hon. Baird. Your views on Palestine are embarrassment to Canada. #shutthehellup#CDNpoli

— LuRoCoTo (@lulon) November 30, 2012

“@huffpostcanada: Canada recalls diplomats over UN vote.” Anybody have a paper bag? I’d like to wear it over my head.

— Outraged CdnGuy (@OutragedCdnGuy) November 30, 2012

@justintrudeau Speak up about the actions of Baird and the Cons in regards to the Palestine decision at the UN! So uncanadian!

— Kent (@Kentthelib) November 30, 2012

A stunningly embarrassing display of ignorance and arrogance by Canada’s #Baird #Palestine #cdnpoli

— тed vardalos (@TVardalos) November 30, 2012

Canada recalls diplomats after Palestinians win UN vote *Dear Harper, please recall yourself to your home planet-GO!

— P’lovers eco living (@ploversworld) November 30, 2012

Shame on us!!! Canada recalls diplomats after Palestinians win UN vote

— djeetee (@djeetee) November 30, 2012

Minister Baird recalling the diplomats to review the whole relationship with Palestine.#WTF

— Bobby Sadri (@bobby_sadri08) November 30, 2012

No to Palestine, no to cheap drugs for poor countries, no to anti-bullying legislation. Canada, are you just a total jerk now?

— Jeffers Lennox (@jefferslennox) November 30, 2012

There are very few times when I’ve been embarrassed to be Canadian. Stay classy,

— Miranda Leffler (@mirandaleffler) November 30, 2012

No, Mr. #Baird, it’s your foreign policy, that is “utterly regrettable”. #polcan #cdnpoli #canpoli #Palestine

— Éric :Desrochers (@E_Rock226) November 30, 2012

Canada recalls diplomats after Palestinians win UN vote shame Canada, shame.

— Gabriel Ayres (@PlanetSunset) November 30, 2012

#Canada recalling diplomats from Israel, the West Bank and the #UN missions in New York and Geneva is wrong and embarrassing #Palestine

— Mike Chamberlain (@chamboknows) November 30, 2012

Canada recalls envoys after Palestine vote Very disappointing! Canada is contesting a democratic UN resolution!!!

— Sam Qita (@samqita) November 30, 2012

Really, Canada? You’re “retaliating” against the UN declaring Palestine a state? I’m ashamed of my country today.

— Jam Wilson (@millawils) November 30, 2012

But Baird is absolutely right. The U.N. wore out its welcome a long time ago and is nothing but a colossal diplomatic joke. The U.S. would be wise to follow in Canada’s footsteps.

America should do the same RT @kentuncbc: Canada recalls diplomats after Palestinians win UN vote

— Aaron I. Marcus (@AaronIMarcus) November 30, 2012

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