A Marine Was Assaulted. Her Commander Said She Deserved It For Wearing Running Shorts.

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Ariana Klay was raped by her fellow Marines. What followed was a horror show where she was intimidated by her superiors, maliciously harassed, and victimized again by the military branch she volunteered to serve in.

At 3:45, her husband explains how lucky he is. At 7:06, she explains how her leadership failed her. At 7:50, she lays out the facts for how to fix it. And at 9:25, she explains why she isn’t a victim.

Learn her story. Then make sure enough people know about it to push the military brass to do the right thing.

NSFW & TRIGGER WARNING: At 1:42, her husband describes parts of the actual court case that use pretty strong language. The entire piece goes into detail about the trauma she faced from her assailants and from the military court.

If you’d like to learn more about how to help pass legislation to take criminal hearings out of military chain of command like the rest of the world does it, you could Like Protect Our Defenders and the Service Women’s Action Network on Facebook. And if you want to help make sure others hear this important story, you could share this. Our soldiers would probably appreciate that.

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