A Canadian Hockey Coach Purposefully Tripped A 13-Year-Old And Now He’s Going To Jail

1. Last June, Martin Tremblay, a 48-year-old minor-league hockey coach in Canada, tripped a 13-year-old opposing player, who broke his wrist falling on his 10-year-old teammate.

Yes, this actually happened.

2. After tripping him, the coach pointed at the kid like a professional wrestler.

3. Now the coach is going to jail for 15 days, and spending 12 months on probation.

Also, tripping the kid apparently broke up the coach’s marriage and hurt his construction business, and the tripping incident took place while he was off antidepressants, according to his lawyer.

4. Moral of the story: don’t trip kids.

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/ktlincoln/a-canadian-hockey-coach-purposefully-tripped-a-13-year-old-a

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