A 3-minute moment between strangers shows how the unfamiliar can become familiar — just like that.

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What would happen if we let everyday moments change our lives?

This incredible video, based on a poem by Max Stossel, is about love, joy, and who we could become if we let the mundane parts of life become extraordinary.

Here’s what could happen. In just three minutes.

Minute 1.

Riding the subway is tough. Usually you’re just ignoring people and trying to will the train to arrive with the powers of your mind.

But what if you were to do something different?

Minute 2.

Like say, dance… or even fall in love?

Or even just bask in the awesomeness of the humanity you’re surrounded by. That’d be nice, right?

Minute 3.

What if every train ride were a moment to realize that where you were was exactly where you should have been, and that just by being where you were, you were led to the people and loved ones who have changed your life…

…for the better.

Here’s to knowing that every train we miss or catch is the right one for us in that moment. I’m sharing this because sometimes we humans need to be reminded of that.

Want to take a 3-minute vacation to a place where strangers realize how much they need each other? You might wanna watch below:

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