A 16-Year-Old Kid In Ferguson Says More With A Marker And A Piece Of Paper Than All The Media Did

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Most of the press coverage of the protesting after the shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson has centered around his character, personal issues, and a small number of looters rather than asking why people are mad. Much of the media is playing up the looting and rioting, ignoring the vast majority of protesters who are peaceful and standing up for their rights. Almost none of them are asking the question “Why are people reacting like this?” If you want to get to the heart of why people are so frustrated and enraged, look no further than 16-year-old Shane Flowers, who expresses at 1:47 much of what people are struggling with. At 3:27, he writes down the question many in the community might be asking.

People need to know that Ferguson is about much more than just the horrific shooting of one teen. If you wanted to help people learn why the protests are happening, you could share this.

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