8 Creepy GIFs Of Models From New “Secret Garden” Video

The second installation in Dior’s Secret Garden video series take us back to where the original was filmed, an eerily beautiful and vacant Versailles.

Model Daria Strokous is the protagonist in this creepy short that asks the age old question, “What if an insane model stole your Dior bag and ran off into a haunted forrest with it?”

1. Right away you know there’s something off about her.

And no, she’s not just hungry.

2. She continues the over-the-top act by playing peek-a-boo with herself and a lone two-toned glove.

The way a lonely mime might.

3. Then she runs toward the camera with a crazed look in her eye.

Now you know this girl is batshit.

4. The scene escalates when flowers caress her face, seemingly on their own.

5. This is one haunted-ass forrest.

6. She’s got a bag that’s clearly stolen — but from whom?

Marion Cotillard? J-LAW?

7. Before you know it, the models recline with tulle around their eyes, and Dior’s logo appears. You are left wondering WTF just happened.

Dior happened. That’s what.

8. We’ll all always have the mental image of the assistant/intern/peon that had to hide out of frame and rub this flower on this model’s cleavage over and over and over again.

So the video wasn’t a huge waste of time after all.

Watch the entire bewildering thing here.

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