5 Racist Ads Exploiting Native Americans


(sorry for the scan quality)
Copy: “Heap big power…!”
Hi-yo Ethyl, away!
Look at them goofy-looking Injuns.


Copy: “We once were factious, fierce, and wild. To peaceful arts unreconciled; Our blankets smeared with grease and stains From buffalo meat and settlers’ veins. From moon to moon unwashed we went; But Ivory Soap came like a ray Of light across our darkened way.
And now we’re civil, kind, and good, And keep the laws as people should. We wear our linen, lawn, and lace As well as folks with paler face. And now I take, where’er we go, This cake of Ivory Soap to show What civilized my squaw and me,
And made us clean and fair to see.”

If only Ivory could have scrubbed the red out of their skin.


OK, this is a Native Canadian.
“My skin is dark (evil), but my heart is white (devoid of blood).”
Ad via WW1 to urge Canadians to contribute to the Canadian Patriotic Fund — to support families of enlisted men.


That was some ace copywriting there, Dr. Scott!
Your use of a nervous, westward-fleeing Injun to remind me that it is my Manifest Destiny to preserve my hair — brilliant, Kemosabe!


And then! There was this 2011 brilliant piece of film by unambiguous genius Harmony Korine, an ad called “Snowball” for designer Proenza Schouler. See, the two models are wearing Schouler clothing, so it’s OK.

NSFW because of cunnilingus reference (wear headphones).

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/copyranter/5-racist-ads-exploiting-native-americans

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