34 College Fans Who Know The Real Meaning Of School Spirit

1. The man hidden behind this Clemson backpiece.

Good god.

2. This Butler bro who subsists on fandom.

Getty/Andy Lyons/Staff

And schadenfreude.

3. This Arkansas shaman.

4. These Jim Boeheim fanatics.

Getty/Jared Wickerham/Stringer

5. This ‘Noles fan who refuses to miss a minute.

Getty/Mike Ehrmann/Staff

6. This UGA kid in kabuki makeup.

He sounds like a cross between a black metal singer and Macho Man.

7. The guy with this epic Bear Bryant backpiece.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

8. This Baylor women’s basketball fan.

Getty/Doug Pensinger/Staff

10. This intense Stanford fan.

11. This committed family of Vols fans.

12. This full-sleeved Buckeye.

13. This artfully shaved Hurricane fan.

14. This rabbit ear’d Notre Dame diehard.

15. Whoever made this Florida Gulf Coast shirt.

16. This FGCU cheerleader and mascot.

Cheerleaders and mascots are basically fans anyway, right?

17. This furry Mizzou enthusiast.

18. This Michigan State cheerleader who was NOT OKAY with Wisconsin’s mascot hijacking the Spartan flag.

19. This Duke fan who has her priorities straight.

Getty/Kevin C. Cox/Staff

20. The owner of this Tide tattoo.

21. This Wolverine-wrapped Jeep driver.

22. This Gators fan who’s all in.

23. These prancing NC State crowdpleasers.

24. This guy with a permanent tribute to Auburn’s fight song.

25. This possessed Michigan State saxophonist.

26. This Rams fan who knows what’s at stake.

27. This Cal trio.


29. This LSU manscaper.

30. This Lamborghini.

And the guy who owns it, I guess.

31. This ‘Bama baby.

Getty/Harry How/Staff

32. This clever ginger Longhorn.

33. This Razorback punk.

34. The eternally rabid Huskers fan who will rest here.

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