31 Reasons You’re Proud To Be From Montana

When people are like, “Montana? Why would anyone want to live there?” you can barely contain yourself.

1. You’re super proud to be from Montana, because you feel like you’re in on this special secret that Montana is completely gorgeous.

2. Growing up, Glacier National Park was just a car trip away. When people ask you what’s cool about Montana, you’re like, “Oh, just the CROWN JEWEL OF THE CONTINENT.”


3. You hail from a state of trendsetters. Yellowstone National Park was the first national park in the world.


4. Montana is full of deer and elk, and they ran alongside you in gym class sometimes, which makes you totally hardcore even though nobody believes you when you talk about it.

5. If you couldn’t afford out of state college, you didn’t mind. You were delighted to spend four years at U of M in Missoula, nestled at the foot of Mount Sentinel.


6. Jewel was so inspired by Missoula that she wrote a song about it, much to the delight of Missoula residents.

7. Montana Yogo Sapphires might be in the crown jewels of England and may or may not be the gemstone in Kate Middleton’s ring. That means you’re basically royalty.


Yogo sapphires are only found it Montana and Sri Lanka, so there’s a good chance Kate Middleton is rockin’ one on her ladyfinger.

8. Montana is full of beautiful creatures. It has the largest population of nesting loons, grizzly bears, and trumpeting swans. BEAUTY ~ POWER ~ GRACE.


9. You’re an amazing lover because you learned from the best: the Greater Sage-Grouse, whose mating ritual is HOT AND STEAMY.

10. The state is steeped in Native American history. Pictograph Cave in Billings features artwork over 3,500 years old.


11. Montana is unique. It’s one of only two US continental states antipodal with land. It’s diametrically opposed to the Kerguelen Islands.


Colorado, the other state, is antipodal to Amsterdam Island.

12. You’re not afraid of anything because Montana is chock full* of creepy ghost towns.


*alright, five. There are five ghost towns. Pictured above is Bannack, which is most likely haunted by ghost cowboys.

13. Another reason you’re brave is because Montana is apparently being terrorized by a wolf-like creature that’s probably just a wolf, let’s be honest.

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14. You’ve tasted the One True Sandwich, and it came from Montana-only chain The Pickle Barrel.

15. Every gas station, gift shop, candy shop has delicious huckleberry chocolates.

16. Montana’s state flag is officially the third ugliest state flag, which is actually sort of cool when you think about it.

17. Nebraska and Georgia were named the first and second worst flags by the North American Vexillological Association, but c’mon. Montana is way worse.


Montana’s flag looks like it was made by a child, which it probably was, because Montana is gracious and loving to all people, young and old.

18. Montana’s motto, “Oro y plata,” is Spanish for “gold and silver” and was chosen because of Montana’s abundant mineral wealth.

As far back as 1862 Montana has always been about cash monaaaaaaaaaay.

19. Montana has the shortest river in the world. Guinness World Records named Roe River the shortest on the planet, which officially makes Montana the cutest state ever when it comes to bodies of water.


20. Prior to 1999, Montana had no speed limit because its residents just couldn’t be tamed.

Before an official speed limit was implemented, the law stated, “A person shall drive the vehicle at a rate of speed no greater than is reasonable and proper under the conditions existing at the point of operation.” Ok, sure. Whatever that means. Vroom vroom.

21. The state was all about meth way before Breaking Bad made it a hot topic. The non-profit organization Montana Meth Project has been credited with significant declines in Meth use since launching in 2005.

22. The greatest dog romance movie of all time Beethoven’s 2nd was shot in Montana.

23. Surrealist auteur David Lynch is from Montana.

Michael Buckner / WireImage / Getty Images

24. Famous turtle Dana Carvey is also from Montana.

Columbia Pictures

25. Montana has additionally spewed forth actress Michelle Williams, director Brad Bird, and ginger prince Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

Frazer Harrison/Staff / Getty Images

Frazer Harrison/Staff / Getty Images

Stephen Lovekin/Staff / Getty Images


26. Jurassic Park wouldn’t have been possible without the technical advice of Jack Horner, the incredible Montana paleontologist.

Universal Pictures

Paolo Sacchi


27. Montana has some of the most enchanting nicknames, including “Big Sky Country,” “The Treasure State,” “Land of the Shining Mountains” and “The Last Best Place.”

28. Frank Zappa wrote a song about Montana and it was suitably weird.

29. So did John Denver and Emmylou Harris.

30. That Dixie Chicks song “Wide Open Spaces” could’ve been written about Montana. It’s the 4th largest state, but ranks 48th in population. Talk about peace and quiet.

31. And Montana’s official state song is just so charming, there’s even a lyric about “yippin’ coyotes.” MONTANAAAAAAA, MONTANAAA, MY HOME…

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