30 ridiculous coffee shop customers baristas have to deal with

Comedy sketch group Nacho Punch demonstrates daily interactions that occur on the less glamorous side of a barista’s world…

(via Mashable)

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3 responses to “30 ridiculous coffee shop customers baristas have to deal with”

  1. Ninjathrowingstork says:

    Or the “large foreign family talking to each other and grandma for orders and changing their minds and orders during the holiday rush when the line is reaching out the door and the other register is broken so don’t you dare tell me this is not the drink your wife ordered before toddling away with her stilettos and cell phone after giving her order in a normal volume while all of you were making up your minds what the eighth drink in the order would be.”

  2. estella says:

    You just hit it. I swear, we must work at the same store.

  3. KristenS says:

    Beware the fedora-wearing hipster. He’s the WORST.

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