30 Mom Tricks that will Make You Look Smart

Moms, we all have tips that have rocked our worlds with their simplicity and usefulness. Here are just a few of the tips we have discovered. If you know of a tip we missed, PLEASE, come to our Facebook page and tell us yourgenius mom trick!


Have sippy cups in the lowest drawer or cabinet, help your tots learn independence as they get their own drinks!

Use those toy rings as cabinet door locks. So easy and I bet you already have a couple dozen of these lying around the house.

Keep lunch cool with this mom tip! Freeze a sponge and throw it into the lunch box in the morning. Bonus: Your kiddo can wipe up their mealspace before they eat!

Got a kiddo who just can. not. wind down at night? Make a starry bedtime bottle to help them go to sleep.

Dont dillute juice with ice cubes! Keep it cool and get some fruit fiber with frozen grapes.

Kids having trouble sleeping? Have them eat this magic fruit before bedtime!

Are your kids grounded from their devices? Take their chargers away from them, the anticipation of no power is a great motivator.

Another grounding tip is to put a lock around the power cord. This way you dont need to take the TV literally out of your kids room and they wont be able to watch anything until their grounding period is over.

Got grumpy bored kids? Turn off the TV for a week. We have been amazed at how a week away from screens has helped our kids be more inventive with their free time.

Mini-Marshmallow Ouchie Pads. Put some marshmallows in the freezer. They are lightweight, dont hold too much cold, and make the perfect ouchie pads.


Got a kiddo who cant help but flip the lights NON-STOP? Make a switch cover. Super easy to make!

My tot has emptied the toilet paper on the floor too many times! Stop it before it starts with this nifty DIY trick.

Is your forgetful child driving you batty? Making a collection of paper bracelets with their tasks is a great mom life tip it helps them to see what is left to be done.

Keep bugs out of your kids drinks at the next outdoor party you host with the help of cupcake liner in this house tip.

Spending all day on the potty waiting for the big event to reward them? Or maybe you just have a kiddo who takes forever to do his duty? Give him a dry erase marker and let him doodle on the toilet lid. It wipes off!

Cheerios. Drop one into the toilet. Teach boys to aim into the toilet by having them use the cherrio as a target.

Dont want soggy juice boxes at your next play date? Try making a cooler from balloons.

No more juice box spills! Use the flaps of the box juice box as handles. Instead of holding, and squeezing the box. Kids hold the flaps and are sticky-free.

Wrap a rubber band around the soap pump to limit the kids going bonkers and making fingerpaint from the soap. This Cleaning Tip helps portion control the soap for small hands.


Are you getting up in the middle of the night to make baby bottles? This gadget measures and mixes formula to the perfect temperature for you with just the push of a button.

Have a kiddo who just cant reach the sink? But your back needs a break from holding them up so they can reach the faucet? Make a sink extender.

Store game boards on the wall they double as art and are a lot of fun to grab and play with!

Teach your kids to clean their rooms in ten to fifteen minuets. We tried this system it REALLY works!

Got a kiddo who refuses to eat veggies?? Try these veggie packed pops. They are tasty and good for you.

Great Cleaning Tip: Wash legos in a lingerie bag, in the washing machine. This is great after a bout of sickness has gone through your home. Keep your kids from reinfecting themselves!

Use a pom-pom to help your kids learn how to properly hold a pencil or pen. It will help them learn to write.

Low on time? Try dumping one of these 3 Ingredient Crock pot meals into your slow-cooker come home and dinner will be hot and ready.

Did you tell your kids to clean their room, and they tell you they did, but you are cooking dinner (or whatever) and unable to check? ASk them to take your phone and go grab a picture as proof.

Got a kiddo who is constantly locking himself in a room. Until he grows out of the phase, cross painters tape over the door lock.


There are SO many things that you can wash! Including many toys, and kids shoes, in a dishwasher!

Dont have a travel mug? Maybe you need an emergency sippy cup? You can make a regular cup into a temporary splash-proof cup by covering it with cling wrap and poking a hole through it for a straw.

Help your kids learn which shoe goes on which foot with the help of stickers. Match the stickers together.

Traveling? Does the bed lack a bedrail making it unsafe for young kids? Put a pool noodle under the sheets. This should stop all but the most adventurous sleepers.

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