25 Ways You Can Live A Longer Life

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While scientists are still debating the limits to human longevity, current estimates hover somewhere around 120 years based on various studies of cell division. Of course, although most of us will never even get close to that point, (see the 25 most likely ways you will die) this doesn’t mean you should be reckless and stop wearing your seatbelt. Instead, grab yourself a notepad and listen up because these 25 ways you can live a longer life just might give you a shot.

25. Love your mom

It’s not just the moms that benefit from being in contact with her children but the children themselves as well. A recent study by Harvard Medical School showed that 90 percent of people who had weak relationships with their mothers developed serious illnesses by the age of 40 whereas only 50 percent of the those who had strong relationships with their moms did the same.

24. Live in the country

Evidently just living in a rural area can be enough to increase your life expectancy by up 10 years. If you do have to live in a city, however, just know that a recent study coming out of Tokyo Medical School showed that living near green open spaces is much more conducive to a long life span.

23. Take a chill pill

A study done by John Hopkins School of Medicine in 2002 showed that men who expressed higher levels of anger when responding to stressors were more than 6 times as likely to suffer a heart attack by 55.

22. Be popular

If you want to live to be a hundred you’re probably not going to make it alone. You need friends and lots of them. If you haven’t noticed yet, social contact seems to be a popular theme on this list, which lead right into…

21. Laugh

Watch standup, prank your friends, just be a joker. The longer you can keep that smile, the more likely you’ll be to stick around.

20. Eat Garlic

While it probably won’t win you any prom dates it has been shown to boost your immune system, reduce blood pressure,and even prevent cancer.

19. Become Hispanic

Hispanics in the United States have an average life expectancy of 80.6 years, which is over 2 years more than for any other group. But seriously, while you can’t just will yourself to be hispanic, there is at least one closely related thing you can do…

18. Learn a foreign language

The point is not fluency, it’s the effort that counts and according to the research this is an excellent way to keep your mind in peak condition.

17. Floss

Neglecting this simple habit can lead to bacteria entering your bloodstream by way of infections in your mouth. This has been shown to positively correlate with heart disease and other illnesses.

16. Be single

While people will tell you that getting married leads to a longer life, the truth, especially for women, is that singleness can be just as healthy, particularly if you have fulfilling social relationships.

15. Make marriage work

Of course, while marriage does often lead to a prolonged life expectancy (especially for men) you are better off staying single than getting divorced. So, if you made the leap make it work, your life depends on it!

14. Have a big butt

According to a study done at Oxford University, women who have “pear-shaped” figures with some extra padding around the hips are actually at a lower risk of contracting heart and metabolic diseases. It’s all about location though. If that extra weight is around your stomach, its time to hit the treadmill because your chances significantly increase.

13. Eat apples

Evidently an apple a day not only keeps the doctor away but the grim reaper as well. A study recently appearing in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry described how a certain antioxidant in apples prolonged the life of test animals by up to 10%.

12. Don’t sleep in

At least not as much as you want to. Studies have shown that people with the lowest mortality rate sleep between 6 and 7 hours a night. People who sleep more than 8 and less than 4 are in some sense killing themselves.

11. Learn to play the didgeridoo

The point is simple – do something that stimulates your brain and keeps you inspired. We just figured that if you could go for the hat trick and do something mind blowing awesome at the same time, then you might as well.

10. Get a pet

There is at least some research out there showing that people who own pets tend to have lower blood pressure and make fewer visits to their doctor.

9. Be rich

According to data released by the National Center for Health Statistics, 24 percent of people with a family income of less than $20,000 suffered from a chronic illness while the number was only 6% for those making $75,000 or more. So while money certainly can’t buy happiness evidently it can buy healthcare. And speaking of healthcare, we come to…

8. Stop smoking

Big surprise right? Cigarette smoking is clearly linked to almost every common cause of death in the elderly.

7. Squat when you poop

You weren’t designed to poop sitting down. No, you were to made to poop with your butt hanging down between your ankles. Seriously, think how you would naturally do it if you didn’t have a toilet nearby. You would find a place in some bush somewhere and squat it out. The truth is that this keeps everything straight and prevents things from getting “stuck”. At any rate, the seated pooping position isn’t only responsible for increased hemorrhoids but also colorectal cancer. So think about it.

6. Be fruitful and multiply

Recent studies have shown that as a woman has more children, her life expectancy increases as well. Psychologists hypothesize that this is probably due to the contact and support she receives as they grow older.

5. Stockpile degrees

For all the college kids out there who can’t seem to get jobs and keep taking classes in order to avoid being a bum…here is yet another reason to continue racking up degrees. Evidently there is a positive correlation between the number of diplomas on your wall and the amount of time you will be around to enjoy showing them off.

4. Live through a depression

It might not make up for being unemployed but know this – a study done by the University of Washington found that economic recessions over the last century actually contributed to a decline in mortality. Evidently unemployed people tend to let go of expensive vices such as drinking and smoking.

3. Win a Nobel Prize

As the famous economist Andrew Oswald once noted,” Walking across that platform in Stockholm apparently adds about two years to a scientist’s life span.” And for some reason it’s actually true. Researchers have found that winners of the Nobel Prize live up to one and a half years longer than their unrecognized counterparts.

2. Move to a Greek island

To be more precise, move to the island of Icaria. Nearly 1/3 of the people there live well into their 90’s. Scientists believe that a combination of the mediterranean diet and an active lifestyle gave this little island the largest percentage of nonagerians (or 90 year olds) in the world.

1. Make a clone army

A clone army of yourself to be exact. Of course you would have to be a real supervillain to recreate yourself for the sole purpose of harvesting organs, but very likely that will not even be necessary as the military is already doing heavy research into regrowing various parts of the body such as limbs and organs.

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