25 Unusual Places To Take A Vacation

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Unknown to most people, the unexplored regions of the world offer destinations that are unique for vacations. These unique spots not only promise unsullied scenery but they also offer unusual vacation experiences for those who seek to get away from the run-of-the-mill escapades on mediocre beaches and hotels. Check out our 25 unusual places to take a vacation and make it a point to do something different on your next planed escapade.

25. Seagaia Ocean Dome

The Seagaia Ocean Dome, was the world’s largest Polynesia-themed indoor waterpark, located in Miyazaki, Miyazaki, Japan. The Ocean Dome, which was a part of the Sheraton Seagaia Resort, measured 300 metres in length and 100 metres in width, and was listed in the Guinness Book Of World Records. It sported a fake flame-spitting volcano, artificial sand and the world’s largest retractable roof, which provided a permanently blue sky even on a rainy day. Unfortunately it closed in 1997.

24. Alnwick Poison Garden

The Alnwick Garden is a complex of formal gardens adjacent to Alnwick Castle in England. One of the more interesting attractions here is the poison garden and the signs on the front gate seem to give a fairly concise description of what you can expect.

23. 727 Fuselage Home-Costa Verde

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just step off the plane and walk right unto the beach without worrying about luggage or security? The 727 Fuselage Home makes this desire a reality…well almost. This unique hotel located within the coastal rainforest of Costa Rica overlooking the Pacific beaches of Manuel Antonio National Park near Quepos, is a retrofitted Boeing 727. Originally designed to carry 150 cramped passengers, the jet is now home to luxurious beds, incredible vistas, and easy beach access.

22. Giraffe Manor

A one of a kind hotel nestled in a suburb in Nairobi, Kenya, the Giraffe Manor is a small lodge that is home to some of the most endangered Rothschild giraffes in Kenya. It is known today for being a small, private hotel that opens its doors to guests who want to experience feeding giraffes either from their own breakfast tables or through the front door or windows of their rented rooms.

21. Boot and Breakfast

The Boot and Breakfast is a unique hotel designed as a giant pair of boots. Understandably, when it first opened in 2001 the locals considered the partners to be slightly crazy, but after several years of business and many happy visitors they are rightly taking their place as local celebrities.

20. Desert Nomad House

If you have ever felt the urge to just get away from it all, this is the perfect unusual place for you. Rick Joy’s “Desert Nomad House” is located in the Tucson desert right besides…nothing, absolutely nothing (for the exception of the Saguaro cacti). The simple design consists of a rusted steel box housing a 780 square foot bathroom; a living room , kitchen, and dining area; and a 440 square foot bedroom with a 200 square foot office. This is the epitome of a tranquil get away.

19. Your own Fiji Island

Picture this: Crystal clear blue waters, tropical floral scented breeze, soothing shore echoing the sound of the sea, clear blue skies that transform into a brilliant display of celestial lights at night, and best of all no one around. That’s right, no screaming children, obnoxious people, not even an annoying dog. This is the luxury of spending a day or two in your own, rented private Fiji Island. Depending on the island a night can cost around $2,500.

18. Panda Inn

Panda Inn is a chain of restaurants that originated in Sichuan, China and features basically everything panda related. Even the staff is dressed in panda suits!

17. Metroplis, Illinois

If you are a die hard fan of Superman, than you know of his hometown Metropolis. But did you know that the city actually exists? Metropolis, Illinois is the only city in the world dedicated to Superman (complete with a gigantic superman statue). If you really want to get into the Superman hype, the best time to go is in June when the locals put on a festival called “The Superman Celebration” which attracts book collectors and fans from all over the United States. To be fair, the real Metropolis is not the gigantic Super City depicted in the comics. Rather, it resembles more of a small town (think Smallville).

16. Izu Islands

A group of volcanic islands that includes about a dozen islets, Izu Islands extends southeast from the Izu Peninsula and is characterized by the unique flavor of each of its atolls. One of its islands, Ohama, is known for its active volcano, Mt. Mahira, which has erupted several times over the last decade. Another island, Niijima, is known for its pristine beaches while Mikurajima is famous for its amusing dolphin shows.

15. Igloo Village

Tourists who seek to rough it in the cold expanse of snowy Finland can visit the sheltered Igloo Village. With an array of unique lodging encompassing snow and glass igloos, visitors can experience the northern lights up close and personal.

14. Black Rock Desert-Burning Man Festival

For those who feel the urge to “radically express themselves” the Burning Man Festival held in the Black Rock desert is the destination for you. The Burning Man is a week long event that begins on the last Monday of August and ends on the first Monday in September and gets its name from the ritual of burning a large wood effigy on Saturday evening.

13. Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve

A vast ocean of lava flows that covers about 618 square miles of land, the Craters of the Moon Na ional Monument and Preserve is one of the most unique scenery in the United States. Craters of the Moon was formed between 15,000 and 20,000 years ago after a series of volcanic eruptions in the region transforming the landscape into a rugged “Apocalyptic-looking” environment. Visitors can lodge in one of the available campgrounds enabling visitors to witness the crater’s spectacular sundown and sunrise.

12. Yellowstone National Park

Located in the state of Wyoming, USA, the Yellowstone National Park is popular for its wildlife and geothermal features. It is among the most preferred tourist destinations for nature lovers because of its subalpine forest and sundry ecosystems, though Old Faithful, a giant cone geyser, is still its major feature. Through the years, several explorers have conducted expeditions in this park and have discovered more of its underlying canyons, lakes, rivers and mountain ranges.

11. Island of the Dolls

Also known as La Isla De Las Muñecas, the Island of the Dolls is dubbed as the creepiest and most bizarre tourist destination in Mexico. The trees grown on this island are decorated with old and mutilated dolls that were hung by the islands one and only former resident. Upon setting foot in this island, tourists who visit this place often offer gifts to appease the spirits that are believed to dwell in the hanging bodies of these dolls.

10. Niagara Falls

The major source of hydrothermal energy in all Canada, Niagara Falls is the collective name for the three waterfalls that border the Canadian Province of Ontario and New York, USA. Heralded as the largest waterfalls in the world, the Niagara Falls are known for their unmatched beauty and grandiose spectacle. The number of tourists who visit the falls peaks during summertime when colorful floodlights light up the waterfalls at night and accentuate their beauty.

9. Jules’ Undersea Lodge

Have you ever tried to count fish instead of sheep in order to fall asleep? If not, you just might be in for a treat once you swim into this outrageous hotel. Jules’ Undersea Lodge is located in Key Largo, Florida and is the only undersea hotel in the United States built 30 feet deep on the ocean floor. Inaugurated in 1986, this undersea hotel requires guests to go scuba diving to get into one of the two rooms available.

8. The Orient Express

Train rides are a great way to see the country side and no other train does it with as much class as the Orient Express. Operated by Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits, the Orient Express is a passenger train service that passes through Paris, Venice, London and Istanbul. Known as the king of all trains, it houses classy accommodations, bars; and dining and boutiques. Without a doubt, this is indeed grand luxury on rail.

7. Edinburgh Castle

Don’t let the stoic and imposing architecture fool you. The Edingurgh Castle is one of the most popular haunted vacations spots in Scotland. Particular attention has been given to the castle’s prison cells which where allegedly used to quarantine plague victims and is where strong paranormal activity resides. Only the bravest dare to stay in this place.

6. Les Sources de Caudalie

Les Sources de Caudalie boasts of its magnificent spa attracting tourists who wish to have a simple and relaxing vacation. In fact, in 2003 this hotel was recognized as being one of the best spas in the world. Among the services that this spa offers are a wine and honey wrap, a Turkish bath and a red wine bath (wait, red wine bath?…that’s their secret).

5. Alcatraz Hotel

If you have ever wanted to experience life on a lock down without breaking the law, you may want to consider the Alcatraz Hotel. This outrageous lodging is a former German prison retrofitted to accommodate 56 rooms with actual cells as sleeping quarters. Amenities include barred windows, toilet in the corner of the room, and your very own steel door slot used to slide your dinner to you.

4. Sahara Desert

Known as the hottest desert in the world, the Sahara Desert stretches from the Red Sea to the outskirts of the Atlantic Ocean. People who wish to take on this unusual vacation challenge can cross the Sahara Desert and catch a glimpse of its picturesque landscape which is like no other in the world. A vast expanse; it features rolling sand dunes that can reach heights of up to 180 meters (590ft).

3. Galapagos Islands

TheGalapagos Islands is a group of volcanic islands near the equator in the Pacific Ocean that boast in their natural beauty and are home to an incredible array of animals found nowhere else in the world. Stepping into these islands is like stepping into another world. In fact, it was on these islands that Charles Darwin conducted his experiments!

2. Palacio De Sal

Rarely can you ever say that too much sodium is good for you. However, when it comes to Palacio De Sal (translated Salt Palace), too much sodium is exactly what the doctor is prescribing. This unique hotel, located at the eastern edge of Salar de Uyuni (the worlds largest salt flat by the way) is made entirely from salt, that includes the furniture and the structure of the buildings. When you go to this hotel, resist the urge to lick the walls since there is a strictly enforced rule prohibiting guests to do so.

1. Free Spirit Spheres

Sleeping among the trees takes on a literal sense with these Free Spirit Spheres located in Qualicom Beach, Canada. One of the coolest aspects of this very unique vacation spot is the fact that your room (thanks to the stretchy webbing that holds the pods in the air) sways with the trees…it’s almost as if the trees are rocking you to sleep.

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