25 People Who Laugh In The Face Of Boredom

25. This guy who makes buildings out of TOOTHPICKS.


24. These people who see actors instead of bananas.


23. This husband who balances things on his wife’s head.


22. This guy who defies the laws of gravity.

21. These people who see their pets as playmates.


20. This awesome guy who took Super Mario Brothers to another level.

19. This employee who made their own lightsaber.

“The force is strong in this one.”

18. This guy who wondered what he’d look like as Two Face.

17. This kid who decided to surprise his mom.

16. These guys who got creative with their cover photos.

15. This Walmart employee who leaves secret messages.

14. This student who can’t help playing with his or her food.

13. This math student who figured out the real reason graphing calculators are awesome.

12. This guy who is really on top of his Photoshop game.

11. OK GO

10. The person who decided to give Mr. Lincoln a makeover.

Project Runway: Presidential Edition

9. The girl who loved Angry Birds so much, she made it into a pizza.

8. These guys who turned a chalkboard into their own personal video game.

7. This imaginative commuter.

6. This guy whose hair can be worn in any way.

5. These guys who decided watching Planet of the Apes wasn’t enough.

4. These roommates who know what to do with extra crafting supplies.

3. The guy who caught and drew the most awesome (and kinda strange) dead fly comic ever.

2. This guy who never lets produce go to waste.

1. And this guy who spends his time making up sweet tricks.


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