25 Animals That Could Easily Kill You


Although given the right circumstances any number of different animals could end your life, there are some that are more equipped for the task. Whether its a ferocious mindset, proximity to humans, or powerful incisors these are 25 animals that could easily kill you.

25. Pufferfish

It’s the second most poisonous vertebrate on the planet and their is no antidote. It’s poison kills you by paralyzing your diaphragm and making it impossible to breathe.

24. Box Jellyfish

Even a little bit of this creature’s venom can stop your heart.

23. Moose

Don’t be fooled. They actually attack more people annually than bears do and are especially violent when defending a calf.

22. Cassowary

Found in the rainforests of Papua New Guinea, if you disturb this bird do not expect to outrun it. Also, its preferred method of attack is disembowelment using its claws.

21. Bears

Although the moose has a slightly worse track record, bears are definitely willing and capable of killing humans, even the big docile panda bears.

20. Poison Dart Frog

Indigenous South Americans use the venom to create toxic blowgun darts. Too much though, and you’re a gonner.

19. Giant Anteater

Although it typically doesn’t bother humans, if you corner one expect to be mauled.

18. Wolverine

It looks cute but this vicious animal can take down prey as large as a moose.

17. Pfeffer’s flamboyant cuttlefish

Like the poison dart frog, the vibrant colors are meant to be a warning. This fish is extremely toxic.

16. Leopard Seal

An apex predator in the polar regions, these seals have been known to drag humans off the ice.

15. Gila Monster

Native to the United States, this lizard is capable of delivering a fatal dose of venom if stepped on.

14. Elephant

Often seen as cute and cuddly creatures, elephants are actually very efficient people killers and mistreated elephants have even been known to be vindictive.

13. Africanized Honey Bees

Infamous for there vicious behavior, these bees have been known to swarm their victims and chase them for miles.

12. Rhinoceros

Possibly one of the most unpredictable animals on this list, rhinos are known for charging anything they feel even remotely threatened by.

11. Lions

Although most lions don’t actively hunt humans, there are some individuals in sub-Saharan Africa that are known to be man-eaters.

10. Boomslangs

Although these snakes don’t look any more terrifying than any other snake, just a small amount of venom is enough to make you bleed out through every opening in your body.

9. Hyenas

They don’t have the greatest reputation when it comes to not attacking humans and for good reason, wild hyenas are willing to attack anything that moves.

8. Caiman crocodiles

According to National Geographic, “with one snap of their jaws they can kill almost anything stone dead”.

7. Hippopotamus

Hippos are responsible for more human deaths than any other non-human mammal.

6. Sharks

Like bears, we’re going to dump all the shark species into one entry for the sake of brevity. While they are probably the most feared animal on this list they are far from the most deadly.

5. Dogs

While sharks only kill about 10 humans per year, dogs kill about 25,000 per year. Close proximity with humans and diseases like rabies add to this statistic.

4. Wolves

Like sharks, wolves are one of the more feared creatures on this list, possibly due to the their extensive territory. While they are certainly capable of killing humans they typically only do so when provoked.

3. Freshwater Snails

They carry the second most common parasitic disease in the world, schistosomiasis.

2. Mosquitos

In spite of its size these little creatures kill a lot of humans via the spread of malaria.

1. Blue Ringed Octopus

Frequently regarded as one of the world’s most venomous animals, the blue ringed octopus can kill an adult within minutes and its toxin has no antidote.

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