24 Signs The Family Loves The Dog More Than They Love You

1. Yeah, it’s the couch in your living room, but it’s not yours to use anymore

2. Even though you went to public schools, your dog goes to boarding school

Max Brawer

3. Your parents are too busy updating your dog’s facebook page to comment on your status updates.

4. You’ve slept in the same bed for your entire life – the dog has sampled 4 in her first year of life

Max Brawer

Not this one…

Max Brawer

This seat’s been stolen…

Max Brawer


5. No one wants to fly you home for the holidays, but the dog was flown in from a breeder 3000 miles away

6. They passed on graduation too. They were at another one.

Max Brawer

7. You can’t change the family TV because the dog’s favorite channel is on

8. When you try to take the dog for a walk, you’re always ‘doing it wrong’

9. The family holiday card says it all:

10. The dog has nicer tech gadgets than you do.

11. Trendier clothes, too.

Well “flashier”, at least.

12. Your dog gets to go to more extracurricular classes than you ever did.

13. The dog gets the best medical treatment

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14. Mom took more time to prepare his dinner than to microwave yours

15. …and it seems more inspired than your pizza rolls, too

…and it seems more inspired than your pizza rolls, too

16. They take the dog to all their important engagements

17. And they missed your ballgame for… oh :/

Max Brawer

18. You don’t even bother calling shotgun anymore

19. No one wakes you up for work or school in the morning, they just send in the dog

20. You thought that was YOUR ball? Are you serious?

21. Your bedroom, built for a full-sized human, became the eight-pound dog’s room when you moved out

22. And if you even come close to missing the dog’s birthday…you are demoted even further

Max Brawer

For real though, it’s gonna be a serious birthday.

(but dog will appreciate it, as always)

But listen: If the dog has a face like this…you just might not be as lovable. Don’t take it personally.

and even if it seems the writing’s on the wall…

…the bonds of family are always strongest when there’s a dog in the mix

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