23 Things You May Have Forgotten About Hear’Say, The Greatest Band To Have Ever Existed

1. Hear’Say came out of Popstars, the first British reality show that manufactured a band.

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Noel, Suzanne, Myleene, Kym and Danny met on the ITV show in 2001.

2. The judges were Nasty Nigel, Nicki Chapman and Paul Adam.

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Nigel Lythgoe went on to produce Pop Idol and American Idol; Nicki Chapman worked in promotions in the music industry; and Paul Adam was the director of A&R Polydor Records.

3. Popstars was viewed by 10 million people. 10 million!

Contestants had to audition in front of the panel, before undergoing dance and music training. There was no public vote; the producers simply eliminated contestants until the final five remained.

4. Naughty Kym almost didn’t make the cut, after she lied to producers about having two children.

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Their names are David and Emily, and she was embarrassed about being a young mum :-(.

5. And even the losers had a career once the show had ended. HELLO, LIBERTY X.

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Jessica, Kelli, Michelle, Kevin and Tony – the show’s runners up – formed their own group and went on to have greater commercial success than Hear’Say. BUT THEY WEREN’T AS GOOD BECAUSE NO ONE EVER HAS BEEN.

6. Back in 2001, Suzanne had a killer bob.

7. And Noel had his priorities in order.

8. “Pure and Simple”, the band’s first song, was the fastest selling debut single of its time.


9. Of course, the video was fantastically dramatic.

It featured strutting and fire and shadows.

10. Myleene wore these sassy shades in it.

11. And Noel and Kym flirted with their eyes.

12. Their album also became the fastest selling debut album of its time.

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It included covers of “Monday Monday” and “Bridge Over Troubled Water”.

13. Danny and Noel had a beautiful bromance.

Just watch Danny watching Noel. I COULD DO THIS ALL DAY.

14. Kym, Suzanne and Myleene were style icons for ’00s teens everywhere.

Anthony Harvey / Getty

Anthony Harvey / Getty

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15. They loved glitter.

16. And dressing head to toe in the same colour.

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17. Although sometimes they wore nothing at all.

18. Especially cheeky Myleene.

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19. Hear’Say sold 3 million records and had two U.K. number 1s.

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Basically, they’d made it and everything was amazing.

20. But then things started to go wrong when Kym left in 2002.

She blamed clashes with Myleene and Noel for her departure AND THE WHOLE WORLD WEPT.

21. The band tried to replace her with Johnny Shentall.

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Who, FYI, was Lisa Scott-Lee’s husband and a former Hear’Say backing dancer.

22. But it just wasn’t the same without Kym. And so the band split, just 18 months after forming.

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They claimed “abuse from the public” forced them to break up.


What are they up to now?

Kym’s an actress on Coronation Street.

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After a brief stint as a solo artist, and a six-year marriage to Eastenders actor Jack Ryder, Kym decided to focus on acting. She’s done a bit of TV presenting, she was a contestant on Popstar to Operastar, and now she’s a Corrie regular.

You’ll see Suzanne on Emmerdale.

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She’s a regular on the West End, and she often appears on Emmerdale and Loose Women. But most people will recognise Suzanne from Dancing On Ice, which she won.

Danny leads a low key soul act.


They’re called Danny Foster & The Big Soul Corporation. He also auditioned for The Voice in 2013, but failed to make it through to the live shows.

Noel is a West End performer.

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He also made a cameo appearance in Gavin & Stacey in 2010.

And Myleene is a TV presenter.

Getty / Ben A. Pruchnie


She’s done Last Choir Standing, 10 Years Younger and Popstar to Operastar.

Plus, if you look carefully you’ll spot Myleene doing backing vocals for Cliff Richard’s “Millenium Prayer”.

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