23 Derek Jeter Memories That Will Live Forever In Our Hearts

UPDATE: Re-posted to commemorate Jeter’s announcement that 2014 will be his last season.

1. The moment when it all started.

2. Back when he was just a goofy kid.

3. His majestic jump throws.

4. When he dropped some motherfucking wisdom.

5. Every time Bob Sheppard introduced him.

6. The way he kept it classy and never responded to criticism.

Captain Class.

7. When George Costanza threw shade at him and Bernie Wililams on Seinfeld and he didn’t even flinch.

Seinfeld / Via siphotos.tumblr.com

8. That fact that he ended up being the only shortstop from this ’97 photo that mattered.


9. When his eyes were like two freshly watered infields.

10. When he dressed up like a lady on Saturday Night Live and pretended to be Alfonso Soriano’s wife.

Saturday Night Live / Via nbc.com

Your pinstriped heart melted when he called Tino Martinez “super foxy.”

11. When we found out his alter ego was named…Philip.

Really? Philip? Not even Phil?

12. When you saw this art in motion and resolved to (force) encourage your children to bat like this.

13. When you saw “the flip,” one of the most incredible feats in human history.

14. When he dove into the stands and it was the most amazing thing you had ever seen.

15. My God, then he did it again against the Red Sox.

You saw this and knew you would have given up your body to save your hero from hitting the seats.

16. When you wanted to stretch with your BFF and die laughing the way Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada did.


They were the best BFF’s ever.

17. When you first saw this and it made you smile. Or more than that. OK, you wept.

18. When his 3,000th hit was a home run at Yankee Stadium.

You alternated between shrieking excitedly, “No, he didn’t!” and “Of course, he did!” before fainting.

19. When Christian Lopez, the Yankee fan who caught Jeter’s 3,000th hit home run, asked for nothing. You would have done the same.

OK that’s not true, you would have sold it on eBay for six figures.

20. When all was right with the world as Jeter did this at the end of games.


22. When Mariano Rivera’s retirement this year reminded you that him pitching to Jeter on Old Timer’s Day in seven years will make you cry like a baby. You have a lump in your throat.



23. And maybe this is all why you think he’s got a little more magic left. You just know he’ll have more moments to come up big again.

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