21 DIY Patio Projects That Will Make Your Backyard That Much Cooler

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Updating your backyard space doesn’t need to require spending a lot of time or money. Why spend a small fortune on manufactured furniture or accessories when you can make your own and have fun doing it?!

With summer slowly coming to a close, don’t forget you’ve still got time to enjoy the outdoors in the early fall. In other words, there’s plenty of time to spruce up your backyard patios! Here are 21 DIY patio upgrades and essentials that are sure to put a little perk in your summer step.

1. This bright bar can bring a pop of color to your backyard festivities.

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2. You’ll never run out of seating space with this cinder block bench.

3. Your patio isn’t complete without an awesome drink station.

4. Transform those stray stones into a tic-tac-toe game everyone can enjoy.

5. I can feel the feng shui in this backyard lounge space.

6. Wooden pallets can be used to build a variety of things, like this daybed.

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7. This couch has room for the whole fam!

8. By adding some bright colors, a rug, and some throw pillows, you can really make your space pop.

9. This crafter used old dog food bags to make this epic woven chair.

10. Giant Yahtzee, anyone?

11. Duct tape lawn pillows are water resistant AND pretty!

12. These lights might rack up a hefty bar tab, but you won’t remember it in the morning.

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13. Dining never looked so cool with this DIY patio table.

14. Don’t forget to tip the bartender! Break in your new bar with a backyard party.

15. Add a rustic touch with this incredible pallet chair.

16. Is this a backyard or a jungle? With these chairs you’ll never know the difference.

17. No patio is complete without a hanging chair.

18. Build yourself this simple pergola.

19. Jenga isn’t just an indoor game anymore.

20. When the sun goes away, your party can still slay with these mason jar lanterns.

21. Why spend money to go to the movies, when you can stream the latest films in your own backyard?

If I start working on all of these projects now, by this time next year I can throw the most epic backyard party imaginable!

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