20 Pop Stars Who Want To Steal Your Boyfriend

1. Avril Lavigne

This may be the most flagrant boyfriend-stealing song ever, if just because Lavigne comes off as both extremely aggressive and utterly devoid of empathy.

2. Robyn

This is a song in which Robyn tells you how to break up with your girlfriend because you are in love with Robyn.

3. Annie

Annie’s strategy is to bet this guy to dump his girlfriend by telling him that she’s too jealous and uptight.

4. Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly Rae tries to keep it on the straight and narrow, reminding this dude that he has a girlfriend. But she’s still making time with him!

5. Paramore

“I was never my intention to brag / to steal it all away from you now / but God does it feel so good / because I got him where I want him now.”

6. Whitney Houston

Whitney’s first major hit is sung from the perspective of a young woman having an affair with a married man. It’s pretty scandalous, but the sound is so classy that you hardly notice.

7. Taylor Swift

Taylor is too much of a sweetheart to do a song about someone actively trying to steal someone’s boyfriend, but she’s totally fine with singing about it from a passive, pining perspective.

8. Me’Shell NdegéOcello

Me’Shell’s hostility towards the woman in this song is so strong that it seems as though the dude she’s stealing is just a pawn in her psychosexual mind game.

9. MC Luscious

“If you got a boyfriend, you better hold on tight / And keep him in sight every single night / Cause when I go out, I look so fine / Cause I’m dressed to impress, and I’m one of a kind / I take him, shake him, work him on out, show your man what I’m all about.”

10. Aaliyah

A classic “other woman” scenario: “If your girl only knew that I would want to kick it with you / If your girl could only see how you be callin’ me, gettin’ fresh with me.”

11. Dixie Chicks

Another song in which the other woman demonizes the dude’s girlfriend. “She’s got you thinking you can never escape / don’t you know your heart’s in danger? / There’s a devil in that angel face.”

12. Salt N Pepa

This one is pure girl-on-girl hostility: “I’ll take your man whenever I feel like it /
This ain’t a threat or a bet, it’s a damn promise / From me to you, your sex life’s through / If you get another lover, I’ll take him, too.”

13. Sugarland

Another “other woman” song, this time really guilt-stricken and emotionally fraught.

14. Jackie-O

Another song in which boyfriend-stealing is a total power trip.

15. SWV

“I know that you’re somebody else’s guy / but these feelings that Ihave for you, I can’t deny.”

16. Meiko

Meiko struggles with her ethics in this song, reminding herself that she shouldn’t hang around boys who already have girlfriends.

17. Dragonette

This song is totally cruel, to the point that you have to wonder whether it’s a satire or if the singer from Dragonette is an actual sociopath.

18. Lady Saw

This one gets pretty abrasive: “Your man he told me that he’s tired of the shit you got / He took one hit and said my good shit keeps him coming back.”

19. Pussycat Dolls

There is no subtlety whatsoever to the Pussycat Dolls’ method of seduction.

20. Avenue D

Avenue D is even less subtle than the Pussycat Dolls, but more funny.

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