19 Reasons You Should Be Watching “Masters Of Sex” Right Now

1. The intro is delightfully clever.

2. As is the logo.

Showtime/Masters of Sex / Via underconsideration.com

“E” is for “Easiest design ever.”

3. It’s based on a story that’s extremely important and fascinating but that hasn’t been talked about much.

William Masters and Virginia Johnson were the first people to explore human sexual response and founded the four-stage cycle of sexual stimulation. They also had really juicy personal lives.

4. Michael Sheen is incredible. As always.

5. And Lizzy Caplan, as it turns out, is a stunning dramatic actress.



Janis who?

6. The wordplay. Oh, the wordplay.

7. The characters unabashedly say everything you’ve been thinking.


8. It meaningfully explores sexism and depicts women of all social standings.


No one had it easy.

9. The chemistry between Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan is believable and compelling.

If you want spoilers, you can read the book the show is actually based on. But the fleeting glances and subtle tension between the two leads make you want to watch the next episode just to see where it’s all heading.

10. The period outfits are beautiful.

Showtime / Via collider.com

Designed by the lovely Ane Crabtree.

11. Bill Masters is addictively mysterious.

Showtime / Via geek-x.tumblr.com

He’s studying sex while also being the most reserved guy ever.

12. Virginia Johnson is one of the strongest female characters on television right now, and she gets the same amount of attention as Bill Masters.


13. The fact that people got hooked to machinery and had sex in front of researchers will never not be shocking or interesting.

Showtime / Via damemagazine.com

14. The writing is so layered and every character is far from perfect.

Bill Masters is ultimately doing good for the world with his studies, but he’s also done some very questionable stuff in his relationship with Libby (his wife). Virginia is liberated and knows what she wants, but also raises her children in a sometimes unstable environment.

15. Despite taking place decades ago, it still feels relatable and touches upon subjects that still make people uncomfortable.

16. And it brings up the stigma homosexuality faced and continues to face today.

Showtime / Via damemagazine.com

17. Sex isn’t overly glamorized, despite being the main subject matter.

In fact, it’s refreshingly realistic.

18. That being said, it definitely has its sexy moments.

Showtime / Via 4x.reddit.com

19. You’ll absolutely love it. So stop being so reluctant.

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