16 Unhelpful Life Lessons From Pinterest

1. You should be eating tiny meals out of a mug.

Plates are for idiots. Take a hike, bowls!

2. Stack your cookies and stack ‘em high.

Gone are the days of horizontal cookie placement.

3. You could easily put Anthropologie out of business.

Is that salmon roe?



Anthropologie’s whole brand revolves around selling stuff that looks like it was made in a quirky person’s basement. Pinterest shows us we can all be that quirky person in a basement with its many “Anthro inspired/copycat” DIYs.

4. There’s nothing that can’t be a terrarium.

Tea cup? Great. Old TV? Perfect. Flower pot? GET OUT OF HERE.

5. The key to losing weight is putting cucumber and other gunk in your water.

6. Almond milk, vanilla extract, baking cocoa, ice and a banana will taste identical to a Wendy’s Frosty.



Works best if you’ve never tried an actual Frosty before in your life.

7. Children should be more stylish than you will ever be.

8. Any hairstyle is possible with a minimum of 6,000 easy steps.

And after the 6,000th step and millionth bobby pin, it just ends up looking like a weird bun.

9. Print out your Instagrams and bring them into the world.


Instagrams were meant to be touched, smelled, felt.

10. You should expand your definition of the word “easy.”

“Easy Nail Art”

“Easy Nail Art”

“Easy Nail Art”

11. A photograph of your coffee belongs in a museum.

I put my coffee in a drawer.



So artsy.

12. The #1 rule of sandwich photography is ooze factor.


Also important: oozability, oozishness, and the oozing quotient.

13. You should imitate the magic of chain restaurant food in your own home.

You can recreate the experience of such culinary delights as KFC, Chili’s and Cracker Barrel without even putting on pants.

14. Being physically able to pull your food apart is important.

Exert your physical power over food to really put it in its place.

15. There’s no limit to what you can do with a baby’s foot.

Hope you like paint on your foot, baby.

16. Mason jars are God.

They are the Alpha and the Omega. There is nothing else.

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