15 year old says she’s been with 100 guys, and she’ll do anything to get knocked up. 4 years later…

If you’re a fan of Maury then you’ll know he’s no stranger to the strange and crazy in people, but even he couldn’t believe the bold arrogance of this 15-year-old girl, who would stop at nothing to get pregnant.

To her it was the only important factor in her life, it’s all she wanted and nothing would stop her. Well that little girl became somewhat famous for the daytime talk-show appearance and people were thirsty for more. Everyone that saw her first appearance took an interest in her, and eventually she was brought back for another appearance where she told the not-so-shocked world she had had a baby named Jamon!

Finally, four years later she’s back on the show to figure out who exactly the father of her baby is – this is her third appearance!

If your life is filled with enough drama that you’ve been invited onto Maury three separate times, I feel I can honestly say yours is not a life I envy. BUT, to each their own; I just hope that kid gets raised in a loving home!

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