14 Reasons Bill Murray Is Our Greatest Hero

1. First Of All, He’ll Match Patterns With Patterns (With Patterns!) Without Thinking Twice

WireImage / Michel Dufour

Oh shut up, it’s not like you even get INVITED to Cannes.

2. He Breaks Things And Laughs About It

Like this guy’s nose, which broke when Bill threw a Coke bottle into the crowd at a celebrity golf tournament in Utah!

3. He Doesn’t Care About Things Like Manners

5. He Invented “Sexual Awareness Week”

Very few scenes in the history of cinema are as brilliant as this one from “Meatballs.”

6. He Is Very Courteous

7. He Keeps Us Caring About Holiday Traditions

And more importantly, about Charles Dickens’ intentions.

8. He Is Not Ashamed Of The Time He Spent As A Russian General

9. He’s Not Afraid To Talk Over Michael Jordan

10. He’ll Can Convince You To Buy Something By Batting His Eyelashes

11. He’s Self-Aware

12. He Participated In One Of The Very First Flash Mobs

13. He Can Have Any Woman He Wants

Dead or alive.

14. He Made It OK To Go Dumpster Diving

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