12 “So You Think You Can Dance” Routines Guaranteed To Give You Chills

12. “Hallelujah” — Alex and Allison, Season 7

Choreographed by Sonya Tayeh, this routine represents one’s need for salvation and peace. Nigel loved it so much, he said it set a new standard for the show.

11. “Ramalama” — Group Dance, Season 2

This dance by Wade Robson is so quirky and fun, you just have to love it.

10. “Outta Your Mind” — Twitch and Alex, Season 7

Alex is a BALLET dancer, and watching him break it down with Twitch to a Tabitha & Napoleon routine gives you so many happy feels. Even Ellen DeGeneres loved this.

9. “O’Fortuna” — Brandon, Season 5

Hands down the best solo this show has seen (except maybe Cyrus). The power Brandon’s body has is almost unsettling.

8. “Medicine” — Tucker and Robert, Season 10

A Travis Wall contemporary, this piece is about a man who hits rock bottom and his brother who aids his recovery. Both Tucker and Robert suffered serious injuries in their past, and the personal connection is clearly shown in their movement. Bravo, men!

7. “Bleeding Love” — Mark and Chelsie, Season 4

Another number by Nappytabs, this dance is about a workaholic and his very upset girlfriend. The emotional struggle Chelsie portrays is on point. Gotta love the pops!

6. “Calling You” — Travis and Heidi, Season 2

Arguably one of the most famous SYTYCD routines, this park-bench dance by Mia Michaels is the epitome of a wonderful contemporary. The fall forward and hand-pulling move are the little nuances that bring the piece to life.

5. “Bang Bang” — Alex and Eliana, Season 9

A story about an on-and-off again relationship, Alex and Eliana represent a broken couple that can’t let go. Between Stacey Tookey’s choreography and the Nancy Sinatra track, this dance is a masterpiece.

4. “Fix You” — Robert and Allison, Season 7

In this very moving, personal piece, Travis Wall choreographs a routine about his mother’s surgery and the journey to help her through it. Even though the whole dance itself is beautiful, the ending walk is the big selling point.

3. “This Woman’s Work” — Melissa and Ade, Season 5

A powerful piece about breast cancer by Tyce Diorio. There will be tears.

2. “I Got You” — Melanie and Marko, Season 8

Of course Tabitha and Napoleon would choreograph such an amazing hip-hop routine. The dance is about two best friends, one of which is left at the altar, and he realizes his true love has been standing in front of him all along. When you see that KISS, the goosebumps will come!

1. “Gravity” — Kayla and Kupono, Season 5

Choreographed by Mia Michaels, this piece is about addiction and the terrifying effects it has on a person. Kayla portrays the hopeless addict and Kupono represents the malevolent addiction.

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