12 Embarrassing Accounts of Selfie Guilt

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We’ve all engaged in shameful selfie activity — some are just more embarrassing than others.

Whether it’s dropping your phone on your faces, tripping down the stairs or getting trampled by bulls. People go through great (and sometimes illegal) lengths for a few Likes on Instagram. It’s a dangerous indulgence.

Secret-sharing app Whisper asked its users to share the worst things that have happened to them while in the midst of taking a selfie.

What's the craziest thing that's ever happened to you while taking a selfie?

I caught my ex cheating on me when I zoomed in on one of my selfies...

I almost crashed a plane during a flight lesson

I got hit by a bus. Well, the wing mirror hit me as it went past.

My brother licking my forehead

I got bit by a horse

my parents saw me taking a pic of my boobs...I am 43 but felt like a kid, I was so ashamed.

sneezed and pissed myself

I fell of the stairs taking a selfie.. I swore I was on the last step. Guess I was wrong.

I got attacked by a rooster

I fell & broke my toe !

A bird shit on my fucking head

See more embarrassing selfie confessions on Whisper.

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