12 Adverts Deemed Too Shocking For TV

12. Centraal Beeher’s Adam and Eve advert.

When was it made? 2008.

What’s the story? A very camp Adam walks through the garden of Eden and spots Eve. She flirts with her eyes, but he’s just not that into her.

What happened? The by DDB Amsterdam ad was banned for being too sexy.

11. Centrum Silver’s strip poker advert.

When was it made? 2009.

What’s the story? Four twentysomethings are playing poker. Suddenly, the lights get turned on and everyone is old. The tagline reads, “Feel young again”.

What happened? The advert was banned in the US, due to excessive nudity.

10. Microsoft XP’s bra removing advert.

When was it made? 2007.

What’s the story? A man has difficulty undoing a woman’s bra, until he finds out that he needs to enter a password before he can remove it.

What happened? Chris Niemeyer’s advert was banned from television for being too hot. Rumour has it Bill Gates had it pulled.

9. Bud Light’s skinny dipping advert.

When was it made? 2007.

What’s the story? A couple go skinny dipping together, ignorant of the fact that they’re being watched under the water because they’re in a tank.

What happened? After being shown during 2007’s Superbowl and receiving complaints, and despite the fact that Anheuser-Busch is one of the largest Superbown sponsors, it was taken off the air.

8. Xbox 360’s shooting advert.

When was it made? 2005.

What’s the story? Commuters on a tube platform play an imaginary game of “Shoot ‘em Up” with their fingers.

What happened? It never made it onto television because it was judged to be too violent. “It’s cops and robbers,” explained Xbox’s Peter Moore. “It’s cowboys and Indians, it’s what we did as kids! But we never ran it. We didn’t need to because it’s been seen millions of times on YouTube.”

7. Ann Summers’ bean flicking advert.

When was it made? 2005.

What’s the story? A woman flicks a kidney bean across her floor. The tagline reads, “flick your bean better” and dubs Ann Summers “the bean flicking experts”.

What happened? It was deemed too provocative for terrestrial television but featured on bar TVs. Jamie Ball, Avanti’s media sales director, said, “The choice to use in-bar screenmedia as a medium has given the creatives much more freedom than they would’ve had simply creating an execution for terrestrial TV.”

6. Levi’s blind man advert.

When was it made? 1990.

What’s the story? A woman changes in front of a man in a public toilet because she believes him to be blind. Turns out, he’s faking it.

What happened? The advert was banned from UK TV due to gratuitous nudity. “I thought it was a brilliant idea but it wasn’t written in a very interesting way, and the client wasn’t convinced,” said Levi’s John Hegarty.

5. The fake Volkswagen suicide bomber advert.

When was it made? 2005.

What’s the story? A suicide bomber sets off a bomb inside his car, only for the vehicle to remain in tact.

What happened? The advert turned out to be a spoof made by advertising creatives Lee Ford and Dan Brooks, whose email containing the ad went viral. They apologised to Volkswagen and reached a legal settlement. Paul Buckett, a VW spokesman, said, “We were horrified. This is not something we would consider using: it is in incredibly bad taste to depict suicide bombers.”

4. The Vegetarian Society’s sexy veg advert.

When was it made? 2005.

What’s the story? This is food porn at its best: featuring sizzling chillies, a solitary pea in a pod and dripping asparagus.

What happened? It was so suggestive that it never made it to UK TV. A spokesman for the Vegetarian Society said said it was intended to highlight the “sexy” side of eating vegetables and dispel the myth that vegetarians are all emaciated “sandal-wearing wimps”.

3. Kylie’s Agent Provocateur advert.

When was it made? 2001.

What’s the story? Kylie Minogue, wearing suspenders and a bra, flicks her hair and rides a velvet bucking bronco, stopping only occasionally to twerk on an elderly woman.

What happened? The ad was deemed too hot for TVs, and only aired in British cinemas. However, voters in a Digital Cinema Media poll named it the best cinema advert of all time.

2. Ford SportKa’s pigeon bashing advert.

When was it made? 2003.

What’s the story? A pigeon poops on a Ford SportKa. The car bonnet hits the bird, catapulting it across the road to its death.

What happened? The Ogilvy & Mather advert was shown on UK television but swiftly removed after numerous complaints from the Royal Pigeon Racing Association and other animal rights activists were received.

1. Zazoo’s condom advert.

When was it made? 2004.

What’s the story? A child screams in a supermarket because he wants sweeties. The tagline “use condoms” appears.

What happened? Although it was deemed acceptable in Belgium, this Duval Guillaume advert was banned in most European countries and the US.

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