10 More Ads That Pissed Off Everybody

1. INTEL, 2007. Bow to your khaki-panted master, slaves.

2. 2011, via Canada. A hair salon gets “edgy” with some domestic violence imagery.

3. 2011, Got Milk. This PMS-riffing campaign pissed off men, women, children, cows, everybody. The California Milk Processor Board pulled the ads so fast, they dislocated their shoulder.

4. 2008, via Egypt. BURN BABY BURN. Cooking babies used to sell Bayer’s Bepanthen first aid cream.

5. 2009, Israel. Bacardi launched, and quickly torpedoed, an online campaign to women telling them the best summer accessory was — an ugly girlfriend.

6. 2011, KIA. This pedophilic Brazilian print ad won a Silver Lion at Cannes, and forced KIA America to issue a wordlwide apology statement.

7. 2011, Samsung. Before Samsung took their copy of the ad private, it had racked a “dislike” to “like” ratio of 30 to 1.

8. 2012, Belvedere vodka. The French hooch brand posted this knee-slapper of a rapey, forced blowjobby ad to their Facebook and Twitter pages, and then pulled it less than an hour later.

9. 2008, PETA. A man on a bus in Canada was killed, beheaded, and partially eaten. PETA thought this was a good story to exploit.

10. 2011, via Brazil. The most iconic race protest photo in history is used to sell…toilet cleaning gloves.

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/copyranter/10-more-ads-that-pissed-off-everybody

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