10 Comically Gruesome Scenes In TV And Film

Post Inspired By “Eagleheart”

Marshal Chris Monsanto returns Thursday, April 12 to Adult Swim for another season of blood, guts, and questionably-necessary justice dispensation.

1. “Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky”

Blood, blood, and more blood.

2. “Raiders Of The Lost Ark”

The gross melty faces begin at 3:33. Of course, anything Indiana Jones related is comically gruesome.

3. “Tim And Eric Awesome Show Great Job!”

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Decapitation at the end.

4. “Undefeatable”

So much kung-fu gore.

5. “Troll 2”

Everything in Troll 2 is amazing. EVERYTHING.

6. “Hobo With A Shotgun”

Don’t ever mess with a hobo.

7. “Beware: Children At Play”

This is the controversial and over-the-top ending to the movie.

8. “Hard Ticket to Hawaii”

Death by flame-thrower.

9. “Kill Bill”

She’s a bride on a mission.

10. “Scanners”

This is the famous head explosion scene.

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