10 Best Headache Ads Ever


From 2007.
The bad Photoshop work actually works nicely here.
See? Weleda is the remedy.
Ad agency: TBWAHuntLascaris, Johannesburg, South Africa


From 2006.
One ad from a campaign for Bayer kids aspirin.
LOL, you’re not the father.
Ad agency: Y&R, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


From 2007.
Very nice art direction here for Paracetamol.
Second ad below.
Ad agency: Puerto Publicidad, Santiago, Chile.


From 2011.
INSANE artwork in this ad for Paramex.
Ad agency: O&M, Jakarta.


From 2010.
Nice work For Bayer, via Romania. Translation: “Headache?”
The ad agency, Graffiti BBDO, got a graffiti artist to help create this train station ad that nicely interacts with the setting.


From 2010.
Great way to sell an extra strength pain killer.
The campaign won all the awards.
Ad agency: Almap BBDO, Brazil.
Second ad below.


From 2011.
The best headache commercial I’ve ever seen. Fucking hilarious.
Won all the awards.
Ad agency: BBDO Guerrero Proximity, The Philippines.


From 2011.
Won a Cannes Lion.
One of the best promo items I’ve ever seen.
Ad agency: 4 AM Saatchi & Saatchi, Guatemala.

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