Zipper you had one job to do …

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  1. AbbyWells says:

    So sexy. As much as I do. Ha ha.

  2. zeldarfromplanetbeldar says:

    Sure it could be. Though I’m not sure what that is that appears to be directly over where her clit could be.

  3. ablindman says:

    I know you’re not, but it still couldn’t be there ๐Ÿ˜› I’ve spent enough of my time with my head between girl’s legs to know ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. zeldarfromplanetbeldar says:

    Well man, I’ve been with enough women to know they aren’t all the same. NSFW same girl

  5. zeldarfromplanetbeldar says:

    the clitoral hood is located just below the bottom of the pubic patch. Just underneath is the clitoris.

  6. zeldarfromplanetbeldar says:

    You can actually see that the round object is right at the top of her vulva if you zoom in. It’s outlined very well.

  7. zeldarfromplanetbeldar says:

    It’s probably half way over the clitoris being a little to the right/her left.

  8. zeldarfromplanetbeldar says:

    well, her clit happens to be in the normal spot. She doesn’t have an abnormally long prepuce which can be confirmed in other pictures.

  9. zeldarfromplanetbeldar says:

    A little to the right but still overlapping where her clitoris is. Whatever it is, it has some type of association with her clit.

  10. NotACanadian says:

    I sure do love Imgur, the simple softcore porn sharer

  11. RandomImgurian says:

    I thought we agreed not to have softcore porn on imgur?

  12. JamesBluntThatSmartassCunt says:

    Or just middle-click. Pft; plebeians…

  13. CaptainCunnilingus says:

    The tight ass jumpsuits their wearing are pushing their boobs up making them look fake. calm your shit when the sad truth is you don’t sex

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