You’ll Definitely Want to See the Movie About These Two Best Friends Making a Movie

Meet Sam and Mattie

Sam and Mattie - 01

They met in grade school at the Special Olympics and have been virtually inseparable since. Now they’re in high school and are into normal teenage things — skateboarding, music, girls, and — most of all — movies.

In fact, over the last three years no matter what else has changed, one thing has remained a constant — the teen zombie movie they dream of making together. Not only is it already written, it’s even storyboarded and choreographed.

Sam and Mattie - 02

And now Sam’s older brother has organized a group of friends and filmmakers to make Sam and Mattie’s movie a reality — professional moviemakers all ready to use their talent to make Sam and Mattie’s creative vision a reality.

It’s going to be awesome…

Yes, they need to raise money. And, yes, they’re using Kickstarter. But before you roll your eyes and move on, check out the rewards Sam and Mattie want to give you if you donate…

And the best part of all this?

If they’re able to move forward with this project, in addition to making the zombie movie, a documentary team will be filming the whole process, and there will be an additional movie made about making a movie with Sam and Mattie.

It’s pretty clear that this will be the best part of the whole project. We can’t wait.

Good luck to you, Sam and Mattie. We’re looking forward to your movies.

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