Woman Starts Crying After Finally Defeating The Claw Machine (Video)

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The claw machine is one of the most frustrating things people can willingly subject themselves to, especially when you think skill plays a major factor and ignore the fact that the owners actually control when the claw exerts enough force to actually pick anything up.

I personally think claw machines become a bit less fun when you realize they’re essentially an intro to slot machines for small children, but there’s no denying the sheer pleasure of actually extracting a stuffed animal from its Plexiglas prison.

I might get married or have kids one day, but I don’t know if it will top the day I managed to win a horse.

I’d say this woman was really excited to finally get her own prize after an alleged “20+ years of failure,” but if you pay attention to the video, it actually seems like she’s crying about her newly discovered psychic powers that predicted her eventual victory.

I can’t say I’ve had a similar experience, but I’m going to assume that’s a reasonable reaction.

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