Woman Freaks The F*ck Out Over Hilarious Pregnant Turkey Prank (Video)

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Let’s review a few basic facts in honor of those of us who partook in the traditional turkey binge on Thanksgiving yesterday.

Fact one: Turkeys, as we all should know, are birds.

Fact two: Birds lay eggs.

And fact three: Prior to selling turkeys for Thanksgiving consumption, the farmers clean out the animals — in most cases, removing the bird’s innards to make for a simplified cooking process.

If you keep those facts in mind, the fact that someone managed to fall for this prank is pretty damn unbelievable. Alas, it seems not everyone is aware of these nuggets of common knowledge.

On Thanksgiving, the girl in this video was asked to remove the stuffing from a cooked turkey.

Upon removing the stuffing, she discovered a tiny bird inside the turkey’s cavity — likely a small pheasant or something similar.

Apparently, the three basic facts outlined above slipped her mind, as upon finding the little bird inside the turkey, determined that the turkey was pregnant — and the small bird inside was its unborn baby.

To which we say: wow.

Her reaction is hilarious: She starts crying, evidently horrified that she’d inadvertently staged a turkey abortion. If this video is any indication, we’d hate to see how she’d react to learning what chicken eggs are.

Regardless, we hope that despite the prank, she managed to enjoy her Thanksgiving (although we have a feeling her meal was decidedly turkey-free).

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