Without A Single Word, This Short Film Encourages Women To Speak Out About Sexual Abuse

1. Earlier this month, Indian filmmaker Pooja Batura Pathak released a 12-minute short film called Bol, which is the Hindi word for “speak.”

2. In stark black-and-white and with no dialogue whatsoever, it depicts the abuse that Indian women withstand at every stage of life, beginning with childhood.

3. While the abuse continues through their educations and careers, women are taught to suffer it in silence.

4. The film also addresses homosexual abuse, an issue that’s largely ignored in conversations surrounding sexual violence.

5. And it explores marital rape and domestic abuse, crimes that go nearly unpunished under Indian law.

6. Filmmaker Pooja Batura Pathak is 28 years old and based in Mumbai. This is her first film.

7. Pathak told BuzzFeed that she made the film out of a passion for the cause. “I feel that what happened in Delhi could’ve happened to anyone, and that feeling sends chills down my spine.”

She is referring to a horrific gang rape that occurred in New Delhi in 2012.

8. She continued:

“I want every man on earth to watch this film and understand what a woman goes through in every stage of life. For them it is just an incident, but for us it ruins the way we look at life. [I want] all the women in the world get up and speak against this evil of society. The more you will talk, the less it will happen.

9. Watch the film in full here:

10. In India, a woman is raped every 20 minutes.

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