Wife Catches Husband Cheating, Tries To Make 3-Person Marriage Work (Video)

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When most people find out their significant other is cheating, the standard reaction is to throw the two-timers out on their ass.

More forgiving folk may let the cheater back into their lives after the initial anger and hurt dissipates.

No matter the outcome, to feel betrayed in an unfaithful relationship is normal — and how most people would respond to the matter.

Judging by her reaction, the woman in this video is decidedly not “most people.” Upon discovering her husband was cheating, she tracked down his side lady and basically stalked her like a crazed fan stalks a celebrity.

In this confessional video, the wife explains she’d bring her husband’s chick on the side lunch and visit her at work, and she even professes her love for the woman’s children (whom she’s never met).

Creepy as f*ck, right? Well, maybe not: The top comment on the video reads,

Want to scare that ho away? Use Reverse Psychology bwahahaha!!

Since it’s really, really unlikely any woman would genuinely act like this upon discovering her husband is cheating, I’m inclined to think the wife is really just an evil genius who developed the funniest, creepiest method to ensure the side chick wouldn’t f*ck with her husband anymore.

And to that, I say, bravo, you brilliant woman. Bravo.

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