What This Hidden Camera Caught After A Domestic Violence Incident Is SHOCKING. And Eye-Opening.

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If you were to ask a random stranger on the street their opinion on domestic violence, they would probably say it is disgusting. (Most would call that a no-brainer.) What would they say, though, if you asked them to describe typical domestic abuse? More than likely, they would say it’s when a man lashes out at a woman and physically attacks her… This video, filmed by Dare London, proves that most people have a lopsided opinion when it comes to violence. Two actors went through two different scenarios in a public setting, each focusing on a fight that escalates to violence.

When the man attacked the woman…

Bystanders were shocked. They stepped in to help.

But when the tables turned…

It seems there is a double standard when it comes to domestic violence. Watch what happened in the video below when strangers saw a man hit a woman… and then a woman hit a man.

(H/T BuzzFeed) It’s unfair that people don’t take violence against men, when the woman is the culprit, seriously. Violence is violence. 40% of domestic abuse is actually suffered by men. There is no circumstance where violence within the home is acceptable. To learn more about these startling statistics and trends, visit Mankind.org. If you were surprised by the reactions of total strangers towards violence, please share this article. Awareness needs to be raised on this issue.

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