What This Doberman Decides To Do On The Slide Just Made My Day.

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Taking your dogs to the park and playing with them as part of the family is a joy. After all, only kids and animals are able to embrace their joy and urge to play. A pair of Dobermans were having fun with their owners when they came across the slide. The first dog knew exactly what to do.

He slid down without any problem.

His sister, though, wasn’t too sure what to make of this “slide” thing.

She stood at the top, contemplating what to do…

Then, she decided just to do what came naturally. It was hilarious:

No dog or human was hurt during the filming of this video. Next time, though, only Gogo will play on the slide. His sister can stay on the ground with her feet firmly planted. OOPS. Share their funny day at the park by clicking on the button below.

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