What This Company Is Able To Do With Human Ashes Is Pretty Crazy

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If you don’t opt for a traditional funeral, which can be expensive, you’ll probably face the question of what to with your loved one’s ashes after they’re cremated. While some people store them, others prefer to have the ashes scattered. However, many folks aren’t aware that there are a number of laws designed to stop people from doing that, since human ashes can be toxic.

So what can you do to honor the memory of your loved ones without breaking the bank? That’s where the folks at Memory Glass come in.

For the last 14 years, the creators at Memory Glass have been offering families a different way to remember their loved ones with customized glass orbs containing their ashes.

The result of the process, which you can see below, is actually kind of breathtaking.

To get one of these glass orbs, you first ship your loved one’s ashes to Memory Glass. From there, they lay the ashes out on a thick metal table.

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They then roll the ashes onto a glob of molten glass. Their methods for this step will vary based on the pattern you choose.

Then the ashes are coated with colored glass and topped with another layer of clear glass.

Finally, they give the orb its final shape.

You can see the process unfold in the video below.

(via Nick Savage)

While you might think that these pendants cost thousands of dollars, they’re actually reasonably priced. If you’re interested, you can learn more about the Memory Glass application and intake process here.

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