‘What is he smoking?’: POTUS: We’re much better off, people just don’t ‘feel it’

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"We've had the longest run of uninterrupted private sector job growth in our history. We have seen deficits cut by more than half."– Obama

— 60 Minutes (@60Minutes) September 28, 2014

Remember when President Obama said “The world’s always been messy … we’re just noticing now in part because of social media.”

Apparently nobody on social media talks about the economy because people just don’t feel how awesome everything is now that Obama has laid hands upon it.

#Obama: The county is better off, people just don't feel it https://t.co/o60S0JZlYC

— Zaid Benjamin (@zaidbenjamin) September 29, 2014

He says it’s mostly because we haven’t raised the minimum wage or spent enough federal money on “infrastructure” or “job training.” Nobody seemed to be buying what he was selling though.

@60Minutes where's the area of the country with all this growth ? I know more ppl that don't work than do work ?

— Jeff conti (@Slasher91101) September 28, 2014

@60Minutes << Obama puppets

— Robert Guilfoyle (@NYYFan63) September 28, 2014

@60Minutes Less working today then when he entered office. Twice as many on food stamps. Wall Street has seen greatest success in decades.

— scott STEPHENS (@sstephens6) September 28, 2014

But the unemployment rate is down. How can that be…unless millions have just given up looking for work in this lousy economy? Oh, wait.


— Jeff Franco (@francoj58) September 28, 2014

@60Minutes @CBSNews And what type of salaries are these jobs paying? That is what is not explained, EVER. Why not tell us?

— Amber (@AmberRhea4) September 28, 2014

@60Minutes use to fact check. Where's Harry Reasoner and Mike Wallace when you need them.

— Darryl Brooks (@dbvirago) September 28, 2014

@60Minutes Obama lying as usual, Ronald Reagan had unprecedented growth and prosperity that Obama never produced.

— Joe Johnson (@joejohnson291) September 28, 2014

@60Minutes What is he smoking????

— Richard B (@RichPalmHarbor) September 28, 2014

@60Minutes @CBSNews I wonder where he's getting all his numbers! Omg!

— Jeff Franco (@francoj58) September 28, 2014

@60Minutes Croft was right the first time. "Do you think you can SELL that to the American people?" #aintbuyingit

— Lynn Stickley (@drivewayliftoff) September 29, 2014

@60Minutes @WhiteHouse This propaganda is getting worse than the crap I listened to behind the Iron Curtain

— JPeterman (@PragueArtist) September 29, 2014

@60Minutes What a pathetic interview….,

— Richard B (@RichPalmHarbor) September 28, 2014

What a pathetic president.



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