What Exactly Is The Difference Between Crack And Cocaine?

1. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has been causing quite a stir since he admitted to smoking crack earlier this month.


2. And with all this added media attention on crack, we can’t help but wonder: What exactly is crack?


3. Educational YouTube channel ASAP Science helps us understand what crack really is in its latest video.

4. In summation: Crack is just another form of cocaine, mixed with a weak base that changes its composition into a solid form, commonly known as “rocks.”

ASAP Science

5. Crack gets its name because of the sound it makes when heated.

ASAP Science

6. Crack, which is inhaled directly through the lungs and into your bloodstream, reaches the brain in just eight seconds. Much faster than the ten minutes it takes for cocaine to reach your bloodstream when snorted.

ASAP Science

7. But when cocaine and crack hit the bloodstream, their effects are exactly the same.

ASAP Science

8. Yay, science!

Cartoon Network

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