“What Does The Fox Say?” Is Going To Be A Children’s Book

1. Norwegian duo Ylvis have signed a deal to turn their viral hit “What Does The Fox Say?” into a children’s book.

Getty / Cindy Ord

Simon & Schuster’s Children’s Publishing will release What Does The Fox Say?, a picture book based on around the song on December 10.

2. The track is the biggest viral smash since “Gangnam Style”, notching up over 215 million YouTube hits.

Getty / Cindy Ord

It addresses the knotty issue of how one can best describe the noise that a fox makes. The pair recorded the track to promote their Norwegian TV show at Jay-Z’s Roc The Mic studio with the Stargate production team. It was an ostentatious stunt to try and record the silliest possible song at the highest possible budget.

3. It certainly paid off.

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